Expertise and Excellence for Efficient Exploration and Development of Oil & Gas in Pakistan 

South East Asia Energy Holding was founded in 2010 and is located in Hergiswil, Switzerland. 

We are a private investor group, involved in the Pakistan upstream energy sector since 2001.This involvement entails a series of investment ventures and financing of Exploration and Production activities. The founding shareholders hold a strong operating presence, key business relationships and unique access to governmental agencies in the country. The core personnel unites financial as well as geological know-how. Therefore, we are a strong as well as reliable and competent partner to help covering the regional, fast growing energy demand and to promote the development of indigenous energy supply. This effort has as well a positive effect on the local industry and the region as a whole.      

The group holds contractual rights on a diversified concession portfolio. In sum, there is a twofold focus guiding our investment: one focus is the region of Pakistan. This focus is combined with the focus on natural gas as a reasonable and clean energy source for the region.

As Pakistan at the same time is a substantial consumer and owner of natural gas, the exploration and promotion of this energy source probably is the best mid term-option to improve and maintain the regional supply. The impact this can have is even more substantial in the light of the growing demand. 


                               Past Project Milestones. Recent and important developments of 2010 - 2015 within five steps: 

Three reasons why we are a strong and reliable partner: 

  • 17 years of experience in the oil and gas project development in Pakistan and anchored in the region
  • Our exploration and production strategy is in line with the overall positive trend and development of Pakistan
  • Comprehensive research and know-how on how to develop the diversified portfolio of gas and petroleum concession